My Very First Review

Well I thought I’d start off by telling you that I just finished up a novel called So Pretty It Hurts by Kate White. Now firstly I must admit I had no idea who this author was before I picked up the book, and I also had no idea this was a book in a series (face palms at my lack of knowledge) But for those of you who, like me, don’t know Kate White was the previous editor in chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine. Even if you don’t know much about magazines I can guarantee you’ve seen this one while standing in line at the grocery store. Little fact alert: HER JOB IS MY DREAM JOB. To be editor in chief of a magazine would literally make me life haha. But I’ll talk more on that at a later time. I digress from my point.

So Pretty It Hurts is a fabulous book of mystery and suspense guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat. Even if you aren’t an avid reader this book is sure to have you interested. What do you do when a super celeb model dies during a weekend getaway? You solve her murder of course, at least that’s what main character Bailey Weggins does. She will have you laughing at her witty commentary, the story line will have your head spinning, and the characters will keep you thoroughly entertained. As Bailey gets closer to the truth someone else gets closer to shutting her up for good.

The characters were developed well enough to understand who was who but I feel like there could have been more depth to them. The locations were described well enough. It’s set in New York after all so it’s not much that you really already have a pretty good idea. I did majorly enjoy the suspense of it all and the major plot twist at the end. Every character seems like a suspect but it turns out to be the most unlikely character. I also enjoyed how it wasn’t just cut and dry mystery, the story line also revolved around Bailey’s own life and personal drama.

Seriously, check out this book! But keep in mind that there are five ahead of it in the series so you may want to read those first (don’t be like me haha). I definitely will be reading the predecessors in this series.

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