Books Goin Up on a Tuesday

Let me start by saying it’s icky and rainy outside today. I had to pull the rubber rain boots and poncho out the back of my closet. And then to make it even better I’m stuck on campus half of the day. Walking into the library, since it’s my usual hang out spot in between classes, I found myself instantly pepped up when I saw a large sign reading: $1 Book Sale. Did I buy something? Oh heck yes! After poking around in the used book bin I ended up selecting a crime thriller called Double Take by Catherine Coulter. It’s about a woman placed as prime suspect when her wealthy husband is murdered. The case gets  dropped however due to lack of evidence against her, main character Julia Ransom is a free woman…until new evidence surfaces placing her once again in the suspect ring. It sounds promising so we’ll see.




4 thoughts on “Books Goin Up on a Tuesday

    1. Just letting you know I’m reading Double Take now. I hadn’t had any time because of school but I’m out now. The book had a good start and I’m excited to do the review. If you’re not already following me please do so you’ll see it when I post it.

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