The truth is…

Ok guys as promised I was to do a review on Double Take. Normally finishing a book takes me no time at all. A few days tops, even less depending on how much free time I have. As excited as I was to read this mystery drama it left me flat out unimpressed. But as a disclaimer I must admit that I have not finished the book in its entirety. It is very rare for me to judge a book without finishing it but this book started off exciting and appealing then quickly slipped into a slow sludge. The story line moved around too much too quickly and too many new characters introduced before I really knew the main characters. I still however plan on finishing the book but it has now been placed on the back burner while I explore other options on my book list. Last month my boyfriend took me Barnes and Noble and very sweetly bought me a new book (little does he know it’s the first in a series and I will be expecting the rest haha). This book puts me back on track with what’s on my list and was highly recommended by a buddy and fellow reader. I’ll be starting The Selection by Kiera Cass. Sorry for the disappointment in my last review but do stick around for better and as always Happy Reading!



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