My bad everyone..

So I never got around to doing that promised review. So sorry, please don’t hate me. I’d love to give you all some super awesome, totally reasonable explanation on the long delay but really I don’t have one. Truth is sometimes life just keeps you busy or gets you down and you lose track of some things. Obviously I let this blog become one of those things that I lost track of and for that I am so sorry. School is back in session for me but my schedule this semester should still leave me plenty of time for blogging. (That is until finals haha). On Tuesdays I only have one class and I don’t work so I’m gonna try to make those my definite blog days. Of course I’ll also have mini updates throughout the week as well. It’s been so long since I read Thirteen Reasons Why so I’ll have to skim around in a but tonight to get my bearings and this time I PROMISE YOU there will be a review. Again please don’t hate me and as always Happy Reading.