First Preview

Here’s a little snippet of the first chapter. Hope you all like it.

    I had climbed into my black 2016 Honda Accord leaving the gym and headed home. The winding road showcased all of the beautiful trees and the blue sky was scattered with fluffy white clouds. I lived in the town Falls Creek right on the outskirts of Burlington, Vermont. I had only gotten about half a mile up the road before a both familiar and excruciating pain surged through my skull. I gripped the steering wheel hard in attempt to brace for the pain. Although I was use to it the feeling was still extremely overwhelming. The intense Traveler magic was building within me, growing stronger every second. My vision blurred. I’d just barely managed to pull off the road and into an old abandoned motel parking lot. It’s building yellow with age and covered in graffiti. I drove around back where no one would see. Quickly putting the car into park another wave of excruciating pain washed through me. I opened the car door and practically dropped to the ground.

    Doing this out in the open was a risk but I really didn’t have much of a choice since the pulsating pain in my head had become unbearable by now. I had to do this right now. As my vision became somewhat clear again I began checking around a few times to me sure I was alone. I prepared myself. Getting up from the ground I went and faced the motel wall, knees bent, ever so slightly tilted forward, and focused on the image of my latest vision. After one last pain searing jolt in my skull I leaned and fell straight through the wall. Air, magic, and time swirled about around as I left behind my time and ventured into another.


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