Just In Times: A Traveler’s Story

Warning: Rights to this novel has already been copyrighted this is being posted purely for entertainment and feedback of my blog followers. Thank you.

What do you do when everything you think you know is a lie? For eighteen year old time Traveler Malia Russo her whole life falls apart when an elaborate scheme is revealed to her by the people she was taught to hate.

After saving fellow Traveler Rikki Keller from a gruesome fate Malia meets Rebel enemy Colton Grant and his family of Rebel Travelers. Malia is faced with the choice of turning her back on her family and heritage for what’s right or to stand behind a lie.

And as if things weren’t difficult enough she’s bombarded with a whirlwind of feelings Colton. Can she keep it all together and restore balance to her life or will it all come crashing down in time?

Just in Times is a young adult novel about time travel, romance, and adventure.


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