Preview 3:

Air, magic, and time swirled around me once again. Everything went still and I was in the dark street from my vision. The street was clear with the exception of one guy outside taking a smoke so I waited until he went back inside the building to materialize. I ran quickly to catch the side door before it closed behind him. I needed to find Rikki and keep her from going into that alley. I checked my watch. I had about two minutes to locate her. The place was a hole in the wall. Looking around I wondered how this place passed health code. Dimly lit lights disguised the dirty walls, the bar itself was dingy and decrepit. Middle aged men sipped on pints of beer in the corner while a younger crowd was clustered near the stage swaying as they listened to the band. I tried to look as natural as possible while searching for her. Finally I saw her blonde hair weaving in and out of the crowd. Rikki and her friends had beat me to the exit. I wormed my way through the thick throng of people and made it out just a few seconds after them. “Was that fun or what?!” The guy yelled out. “Hell yea, best birthday yet!” One of her friends slurred. “Good thing that bartender had the hots for Rikki here.” She threw her arm around Rikki’s shoulders “All I had to do was bat my eyelashes a little, show a little cleavage, and dance my ass off in his face.” Rikki beamed with pride “Oh and I might have slipped him a fake number” She giggled.

“You need a ride home Rik?”  The guy asked.

“No I’m good I just live around the block and the nights so pretty. I’m just gonna walk.”

The group dispersed and the Rikki girl headed in the opposite direction. Her friends left the alley heading for the main road and Rikki was going straight in the direction of where the mugger would be lying in wait.“Oh just great!” I yelled out. Rikki did a 180 when she heard me. “Something wrong?” she asked.

“It’s my ride; they were supposed to be here by now.” I huffed in false frustration. “Oh well do you live far? I’m walking home but if you need a phone to call your ride you can at my place. My cell died” She kindly offered while holding up her pink Razor cell phone. I had almost forgotten how popular those things were back then. “Oh that would be great, I’ve been waiting for forever.” I sped up and walked closer to her.

“Do you come to this club a lot?” she asked me eyeing at my outfit. I looked nearly forgetting that I had on my work clothes. Black leggings, black tunic, skinny gold belt around my waist and my black ballet flats.

“Oh, no it’s my first time. Er do you want to maybe take the main road? It’s a little dark this way.” I said casually.

“Oh no this way is so much faster I live about a block away, we’ll be there in no time.” As we continued down the dark deserted street I scanned ahead looking for any sign of the mugger. Any minute now that man would pop up so I had to think fast. I was too late.

“Gimme your money now!” He yelled just as I was about to divert Rikki from passing the alley. I sprang into action and went barreling into him, being careful of the knife I knew he had. He took a swing into my sides. His eyes gleamed with rage. Using all my strength I pushed him off of me, I must have had a lot more strength than I knew because he flew backward into the wall. I grabbed Rikki’s hand and we took off.

“Wait, huh, what is going on?!” Rikki choked out as we ran. Once we had a bit of distance between us and him I looked back and saw the man getting up but just as he did another figure emerged from the shadows. Although the figure was hooded it was still obvious that he was also a man. He was of athletic build with broad shoulders. “Another one?!” Rikki screamed. This was not in the vision I thought to myself.The second guy began to attack the robber, his sleeve was then cut by the knife wielding maniac and it was then that I noticed the huge, glistening silver ring on his fingers. The large green gem in it sparkled in the moonlight. Even from a distance the ring seemed familiar. I stopped thinking about the stupid ring and focused on the danger that loomed. Why was this happening? Was this hooded guy saving us? Or was he here to kill us himself? I looked back at Rikki, she was freaking way out. “Somebody help!” She screamed. The fight between the robber and the mysterious man continued on. It didn’t take long for him to take out the robber. One last blow to the head and he fell the ground seemingly lifeless as his knife went flying out of his hand. The hooded dude stepped over the robber’s body and began to approach us, quickly. I still couldn’t make out his face but his body language didn’t exactly exude friendly. And to make things worse I couldn’t think straight with Rikki’s ear piercing screams. She took off and headed right into the street. I could hear something coming, something big. Bright headlights filled the dark street as a bus came into view; I shot forward catching up to her in a few seconds, right as the bus was directly in front of us. What I was about to do was completely restricted by the Time Council but I had no choice. I concentrated hard on being back home in my own time, I threw my arms around Rikki and we traveled right through the bus. Another terrified scream.


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