Preview 4

I literally have no idea how well these book previews are being accepted but hopefully someone out there is enjoying. It has been a while but here is another piece of my novel. Also as a quick little side note the point of view now changes. This piece of from the male character Colton Grant.

      She was stunning when I had first seen her. I watched as she threw that piece of scum mugger into the wall. Her shoulder length dark curls bounced as she grabbed the blonde and took off. She had the most amazing hazel colored eyes that matched perfectly to her olive skin tone. Her body was slender yet curvy and she moved with such precision and grace. Why did this girl have to be the enemy I thought to myself? I moved from my spot in the shadows and approached the low life mugger as he started to stand up. “Who the—” were the only words he’d managed out before I right hooked him right in the jaw. I heard one of the girls gasp, I assumed the blonde one since she seemed most uncomfortable in all of this. I continued my beat down on this piece of crap sorry excuse of a man. He got me on my arm with his blade though. That really pissed me off. I went for a few more hard punches. One last blow to the head and it was over for him. His worthless body hit the ground as his cheap knife flew out of his grubby hands; hands that would have been doing some killing had I not shown up.

      Ok so maybe they had a chance without me but still I enjoyed kicking the crap out of this jerk. I looked up, my hood hiding the majority of my face from view, and studied the confused look on her face. Meanwhile the blonde kept screaming. If she wasn’t so damn important and if it weren’t for the Rebel blood running in her veins I’d scratch this whole mission right now. I approached them at a faster pace. That’s when the blonde lost it; she took off into the street. Now why would she go and do that? The dark haired beauty ran off behind her and that’s when the bus flew around the corner. I thought for sure it would flatten them both when she did something I didn’t expect. She threw her arms around the blonde’s shoulders and Traveled straight through the bus. I’d never seen anyone Travel through a moving target like that but she did it. There was a small flash and then they were gone. My uncle would not be happy when he learned of this I thought as I Traveled myself back home.

   He was already waiting for me when I stepped into our mansion sized home, left to us by my father. “I suppose that you have a brilliant reason as to why you do not have the girl with you Colton?” Uncle Stein asked me as I appeared in his study.

“Well for starters it would have been nice to know that a Traveler was going to be there. She threw everything off and then to make matters worse, she’s good. Real good.” I retorted.

“Well you know how things are, the visions we intercept are second rate at best, and we catch only the remnants of what we need.” The visions that Traveler’s received went straight to their precious Elders, we intercept them by hacking into the electronic files the Council uses to track missions whenever we can in attempt to change it.

“It’s no problem though; I know I can find her. And when I do you’ll be the first to know.” I looked him square in the eye so he’d know I meant business.

“Very well. Oh and your brother’s been looking for you.” He told me as I turned for the door.

   My brother was the Rebel everyone looked up to. You could say he was one of the best; my job was to follow in his footsteps. Since our mother died when I was six and our father was lost in a time vortex caused by Travelers, the weight of the family fell onto him. Uncle Stein stepped in as a father figure to us but Sterling still thought it was his duty to be dad. “Hey bro.” I said once I found him out back.

“How’d it go?” He asked from underneath his newly restored 1965 black Ford Mustang. He had a thing for older cars and loved working on them. “Some chick threw things off but it’s under control.” I said nonchalantly. He rolled from under the car, oil smeared across his forehead.

“Was she a Traveler?” He looked up at me wiping the oil away.

“Yea, but nothing I can’t handle.” He rolled back under.

“Better not be. This one’s important Colt. We need that blonde. She just might be the thing to finally give us a one up on those wretched Travelers.” If anyone hated the Travelers more it was my brother. He had been right there when dad was sucked into that vortex. My dad was taking on a big mission and just as he began to Travel out the vortex appeared, leaving Sterling standing nearby and unable to help. In an instant he was gone and no amount of searching ever found him. But that was four years ago. No one was more determined in bringing down the Travelers than Sterling, and of course our Time Society. The Society was like our version of the Council, difference is that we get to elect our members. Sterling had hoped for a spot on the Society and with the way things were looking it wouldn’t be hard for him to be elected. I’d have to wait a few years however for that chance being that I was only nineteen. Society members had to be at least twenty one, Sterling was twenty two.

   I left my brother to his car and went to get my game plan together. How was I going to find that girl? And my next question: how was I going to get her away from the gorgeous Traveler that took her? Stop thinking gorgeous Colt, she’s the enemy. I thought to myself. There could be no distractions. My job was plain and simple: get the blonde back at all costs. Even if it meant hurting her? My conscious rang in. Wait I got it! If anyone knew how to find someone it was Darren, he was the most skilled tracker our age that I knew. Since this girl had Rebel blood in her it would be a piece of cake. I pulled out my phone and texted him.

Hey man I got a job for you

Yea what up

Need you to do some tracking. I’ll be at your place in a few

Aight bet

   Putting my phone back in my pocket and grabbing the keys to my Dodge Charger, I sped off to Darren’s. When I got there he was already getting things together to do the track. As usual Darren had on one of his many Nike shirts and some bright basketball shoes. His dark hair was cut low, skin brown, and he had a muscular build. He had large computer screen where he could keep track of ripples in time through some type of satellite detection. Since I travelled out right after she did he opened all the travel spots that happened around the same time. There were over two thousand results. “Hey chill out.” He said when he saw the look on my face. “I’m gonna narrow it down to the largest ripple. If she traveled with someone else then her ripple will be larger.” I calmed down as the list turned to only about thirty results. Then he eliminated ones that happened after I jumped. Sixteen. Just as he was about to do one more elimination another large ripple appeared but it only jumped places not time, it was the same size as one of the ones from the sixteen he weeded out. “I’ll bet my left nut that that’s your girl.” He turned said proudly. “You da man!”  I told him.

“What can I say?  I’m a pro in all that I do.” He bragged. I looked closer at the screen and realized she was right here in Falls Creek. Now what were the odds of that?


   The scan said she was at the mall. It took me about twenty five minutes to get there since I lived just on the other side of town. The mall was so huge though. There was no way I’d find her. I walked past some chick’s store and the line was practically hanging out the door. Damn women love bras and panties don’t they? I thought to myself once I realized what store it was. I scanned the inside wondering if maybe she was one of the girls in line when I saw her. She was behind the counter wielding that scan gun like it was a lethal weapon. The line was instantly shrinking. Got her. I’d just have to wait until I could get her alone.



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