Review: My Sister’s Grave

Alright so I am finally finished with My Sister’s Grave by Robert Dugoni. It has been such a good read. A real page turner. As I previously mentioned the book is centered around detective Tracey Crosswhite and the twenty year old disappearance of her younger sister Sarah.

Tracey and Sarah were very close. Her disappearance not only shook Tracey and her family but their entire home town. While a man was both tried and convicted for Sarah’s murder something about the evidence never sat right with Tracey. She quit her job as a teacher and entered the world of crime as a detective.

As Sarah’s remains are finally discovered in a shallow grave everyone is forced to relieve the horror all over again. While no one will listen to her pleas Tracey finally gets someone to pay attention to the evidence of the crime and realize that something indeed is not right.

Sarah’s convicted murderer is put on trial once again. Will Tracey finally get the answers she’s be searching for? Or are some things better buried?

Honestly this a real enjoyment for me. I found myself reading in every spare chance I got. The most frustrating part for me was the fact that the point of view would change just as things were getting good. While it was frustrating it also built the anticipation of finding out what would happen next. Dugoni does an excellent job of making you feel connected to the characters with flashbacks of Sarah and Tracey before she disappeared. I felt connected to both of them and therefore was all the more upset that Sarah died. I felt for Tracey in her quest to find real answers about what happened to her sister.


There was a mind blowing plot twist near the end that threw me so off the curve it was ridiculous. I definitely loved the ending of this book. It is also a series following Tracey in her life solving other crimes. I have not yet read any more in the series but if the rest are anything like the first then I will most certainly be looking to get my hands on them.



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