Preview 2:

    Jade’s car had a convertible top which she kept down all of the time in the summer, unless if it was raining of course. Her nana had bought her the baby blue Volkswagen Bug as a Christmas gift last year which was all the more reason for her to want her license. “So where to?” I asked “You never said what we’re doing,” “We’re going clubbing girl!” She exclaimed. She hit the gas and we went flying down the street. Ten minutes later and we were parking in front of The Pulse. It was an old warehouse turned into the ultimate location for wild raves. The line was hanging out the door and wrapped around the building. “How are we ever gonna get in?” I said eyeing the long line. “Hold on. I know some people.” Jade replied back. As we got out of the car I followed her lead to the shabby looking building. We went around back and were met with by a huge bouncer. He was tall, bald, and ripped. Muscles bulged from his tight black tee shirt. Jade stood up on her toes to whisper something in his ear. He grunted before stepping aside to let us both in. “What did you tell him?” I asked curiously. “Oh I just gave him the password. I happen to be good friends with the guy who throws these raves.” She suppressed a grin. Of course Jade knew the guy. Jade knows everyone.

     The moment we stepped in I could literally feel the vibrations of the music through the floor. The wide open space of the warehouse was nearly pitch black save for the light of glow sticks in party goers hands and flashing neon lights above. Jade grabbed my hand and pulled us into a throng of people dancing as though tonight was her last night. I wasn’t so good with dancing. I never felt like I had the rhythm but I swayed to the music with Jade’s guidance. “Come one girl. Move those hips!” Jade screamed over the hard beats of the techno music as she grinded her hips with ease. I tried unsuccessfully to match my dancing to hers. I was just thankful the room wasn’t well lit. At least everyone couldn’t see my sad attempts at dancing. As the song changed into a different tempo I found myself finally falling into a rhythm. “Now you’re doing it.” Jade encouraged.

    Just as I was really beginning to enjoy myself I felt a strange feeling and knew it wouldn’t be long before I blacked out. This was totally inconvenient. Why couldn’t it wait until I went to sleep? I felt my legs buckled underneath me. I couldn’t fight it. The room around me was losing focus. I felt my knees crash to the ground. Total darkness.


First Preview

Here’s a little snippet of the first chapter. Hope you all like it.

    I had climbed into my black 2016 Honda Accord leaving the gym and headed home. The winding road showcased all of the beautiful trees and the blue sky was scattered with fluffy white clouds. I lived in the town Falls Creek right on the outskirts of Burlington, Vermont. I had only gotten about half a mile up the road before a both familiar and excruciating pain surged through my skull. I gripped the steering wheel hard in attempt to brace for the pain. Although I was use to it the feeling was still extremely overwhelming. The intense Traveler magic was building within me, growing stronger every second. My vision blurred. I’d just barely managed to pull off the road and into an old abandoned motel parking lot. It’s building yellow with age and covered in graffiti. I drove around back where no one would see. Quickly putting the car into park another wave of excruciating pain washed through me. I opened the car door and practically dropped to the ground.

    Doing this out in the open was a risk but I really didn’t have much of a choice since the pulsating pain in my head had become unbearable by now. I had to do this right now. As my vision became somewhat clear again I began checking around a few times to me sure I was alone. I prepared myself. Getting up from the ground I went and faced the motel wall, knees bent, ever so slightly tilted forward, and focused on the image of my latest vision. After one last pain searing jolt in my skull I leaned and fell straight through the wall. Air, magic, and time swirled about around as I left behind my time and ventured into another.

Just In Times: A Traveler’s Story

Warning: Rights to this novel has already been copyrighted this is being posted purely for entertainment and feedback of my blog followers. Thank you.

What do you do when everything you think you know is a lie? For eighteen year old time Traveler Malia Russo her whole life falls apart when an elaborate scheme is revealed to her by the people she was taught to hate.

After saving fellow Traveler Rikki Keller from a gruesome fate Malia meets Rebel enemy Colton Grant and his family of Rebel Travelers. Malia is faced with the choice of turning her back on her family and heritage for what’s right or to stand behind a lie.

And as if things weren’t difficult enough she’s bombarded with a whirlwind of feelings Colton. Can she keep it all together and restore balance to her life or will it all come crashing down in time?

Just in Times is a young adult novel about time travel, romance, and adventure.


It’s pretty obvious that I haven’t been making updates on book reviews in a while but it’s because I’ve been working on my own novel. When I made this blog my intentions were to not only post reviews but also try my hand at a little creative editing of my own. I now have an almost completed manuscript of a novel I’d like to attempt to get published this year. I will possibly be dropping little snippets here and there to see how they do. Please give me your feedback and I hope you enjoy. The novel is called Just in Times: A Traveler’s Story. More to come soon.

Long Time No Posts

Well honestly I have no words for my long hiatus but I’m back now. Worry not I was indeed reading excessively so I didn’t return empty handed. I had some free time one day before class started and I was browsing through Kindle on my tablet. I stumbled upon a surprisingly good series although I must admit it was about vampires. I know. I know. Vampire novels are so overrated and over done but this was still an interesting story.

Shade of Vampire by Bella Forest took me by surprise as I was not expecting it to be such an engrossing story. Let me start of my saying this book series has at least thirty books to it and no I did not read all thirty. The first seven were my prime focus because it follows the love story of the two main characters: Sophia Claremont and Derek Novak. The following books are mainly spin offs focusing on characters’ stories.

On the night of Sophia’s seventeenth birthday she is vacationing with her “adoptive” family and it kidnapped by a mysterious man. She finds herself on a strange island where the sun never shines and it’s inhabitants are vampires. While she isn’t the only human, many others were captured and brought as well, her life is at stake. The same night as her arrival vampire Derek Novak awakens from a four hundred year sleep. Their fates immediately intertwine as Derek realizes Sophia just may be his salvation and Sophia realizes she is more than just a pawn in a game.

Now on to my personal views. I enjoyed the book simply because it was something different compared to what I’ve been reading lately. At times it could get a little cheesy and it seemed as though the characters were professing undying love to each other rather quickly. There are a few unanswered questions or things that don’t get a very lengthy explanation, those things are further explained however in the other books. The ending was a bit abrupt and quite the cliffhanger. That wasn’t a problem for me as I immediately looked up a free PDF version to continue reading. All seven books are available online by the way. I found them by simply typing in “Shade of Vampire book 2 PDF” in google. The first link should direct you to a website called

The author’s writing style at times was a bit too simplistic but overall I enjoyed it. The book is written in a dual POV from both Sophia and Derek, so if you’re not into dual POV then I wouldn’t suggest this for you. I have heard many compare this book to Twilight however there is no semblance to Twilight whatsoever besides the vampire/human love story thing. As much as I did enjoy the Twilight series Sophia has a much more fiery personality when compared to Bella and Derek is more of a strong tortured soul rather than a passive aggressive character like Edward. The two books are polar opposites in my mind.

This probably wouldn’t rank as one of my favorites but it was still a good read. It started out as a way to pass time in between classes and whatnot but I quickly became engrossed in the characters. I would suggest this book if you’re in between books or looking for something quick to read (I finished all seven books in about two weeks or so)


It’s my birthday!!

Random post but today is my birthday!! Sadly no one granted me with a gift card to Barnes and Noble but I did get an awesome decorative wine glass. (Books and wine can go together right?). In other news classes have been going well for me. I made a B on my first stats test. I bought a new book recently as well. Unfortunately I don’t have it near me at the moment but I will post the name and author when I get a chance. I hope everyone is doing well, living well, and reading something amazing. As always Happy Reading.

New Month New Me?/ Book Review!! (Finally)

Ok I think I’ve finally mastered my new school and work schedule…maybe. I’m currently sitting at the car dealership with my laptop while they do an oil change on my car and I figured what a perfect time to blog. I’ve had a pretty even balance and more time to myself kind of. Little update on me personally: I’m making time to workout and study more and you guessed it, read! Let’s see how long the seas stay calm haha. So it has been about two months since I read Thirteen Reasons Why but I can still tell you my thoughts on it and the long awaited review is finally upon us.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is a book I both love and hate. How can I love and hate it you ask? Well let me tell you. Asher’s writing is amazing. Right from the beginning he builds so much suspense. (I had an iron tight grip on my paperback copy of the book for the first fifty or sixty pages I kid you not.) So let me tell you what this book is all about in case you didn’t already know. Asher’s main character, Clay Jenson, receives a package containing thirteen cassette tapes from another character Hannah Baker. The twist is that Hannah is dead. She committed suicide and these tapes are the stories behind the reasons why. According to Hannah only the people who had something to do with her downfall are meant to receive the tapes. Each person is to listen up until they hear where they come into the story and pass the tapes on to the specified next person. Naturally, Clay is wondering why in the world he was sent these tapes.

I found myself eagerly flipping each page because I wanted to know why Clay was on these tapes, he seems like a nice guy. What could he possibly have had to do with Hannah’s decision to take her own life? The novel is split between both Clay and Hannah’s points of view. This can get confusing because Hannah is speaking is present tense for the most part but you have to remind yourself that her version of the “present” is actually the past. It gets even more confusing when she speaks in the past tense. So does that make it past past tense? I’m joking haha. You’re jolted back into the actual present tense with Clay who is reacting to the tapes in real time. It’s interesting because its almost as if you’re reacting with him…at least I was. Some of Hannah’s stories were surprising to me because eventually you’ll see that everything intertwines.

Now I’ll tell you what I hated. A lot of Hannah’s reasons to me seemed superficial. I didn’t like that a lot of her hardships were typical everyday teen problems. At times it made her seem like a pushover. I felt as though many of her situations were completely avoidable or within her control and she just rolled over and took whatever was dished out at her. Of course I understand that my point of view may be different from the characters or another person reading the book. I became emotionally invested in Hannah’s character and I wanted her to fight.

One thing that I took away from this book was that you never know someone’s situation. What seems like no big deal to you could be the end of the world for someone else so being sensitive to another person’s situation is always important. I think that throughout the book this is what the main character Clay learned as well. He saw the signs in Hannah but didn’t understand them nor did he know how to help. I feel like reading this book has brought me more insight and because of how much I enjoyed this book I will probably read more like it. I typically tend to read more fantasy or dystopian novels so to read something so real about things people actually deal with was both refreshing and eye opening.

If you’re looking for your next good read I would definitely suggest this book.

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My bad everyone..

So I never got around to doing that promised review. So sorry, please don’t hate me. I’d love to give you all some super awesome, totally reasonable explanation on the long delay but really I don’t have one. Truth is sometimes life just keeps you busy or gets you down and you lose track of some things. Obviously I let this blog become one of those things that I lost track of and for that I am so sorry. School is back in session for me but my schedule this semester should still leave me plenty of time for blogging. (That is until finals haha). On Tuesdays I only have one class and I don’t work so I’m gonna try to make those my definite blog days. Of course I’ll also have mini updates throughout the week as well. It’s been so long since I read Thirteen Reasons Why so I’ll have to skim around in a but tonight to get my bearings and this time I PROMISE YOU there will be a review. Again please don’t hate me and as always Happy Reading.